The roots of the Family Holding

BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding has its roots in Großvillars and Oberweiler, Germany. The two very different entrepreneurs Heinrich Blanc and Karl Fischer wrote industrial history in these villages first separately and then jointly with their visionary ideas and ethical principles.

Karl Fischer
(1893 - 1985):

  • Son of the miller and mayor of Oberweiler
  • founded E.G.O. in 1931 at the Oberderdingen site along with Heinrich Blanc
  • Visionary technologist and inventor, down-to-earth and social entrepreneur

Heinrich Blanc
(1896 - 1960):

  • Comes from a farmer and wainwright family in Großvillars
  • founded BLANCO in 1925 in Oberderdingen
  • Farsighted networker, explorer, communicator and full-blooded entrepreneur